Setting up E-mail client

First time setting up an email client may seem a little difficult, but once you learn a few key pieces of information, you can get up and running quickly on almost any client.
The easiest way to start checking a new email account is to use a Webmail interface. This guide, however, covers setting up an email account in a local application (an email client) installed on your computer.

Step #1: Obtain Settings for Your Email Account

To set up your email client, you’ll first need to obtain (or confirm) the email account’s connection settings. You can do that by logging into cPanel, and selecting Email Accounts under the Email heading.

You can get the manual settings by clicking on the Configure Mail Client to the right of the email address in the Email Accounts section. Depending on your version of cPanel and active theme, that link may be listed under the Actions column or in the More dropdown menu to the far right of the address.

If you are unable to access cPanel to obtain the settings specific for your email account, typical settings are as follows:

SSL Settings ( Recommended )

Password: Youremailpassword
Incoming server :
*IMAP - Port number 993
*POP - Port number 995
Outgoing server :
*SMTP - Port number 465

Please keep in mind that authentication is required for POP, IMAP and SMTP

Non-SSL settings

Password: Youremailpassword
Incoming server :
*IMAP - Port number 143
*POP - Port number 110
Outgoing server :
*SMTP - Port number 25

These port numbers can be changed by the System Administrator if necessary.

That's all of it folks. Enjoy your emails in your email client.

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