Safe Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol, or a set of rules, used to create a secure channel for Internet communications.
SSL is especially important for the avoidance of theft, misuse, fraud or abuse of private information during transactions with an e-commerce website or online store.

You should never purchase from a website that does not have an active SSL certificate.
Whether you are operating an online store or not, it is useful to know some SSL basics, particularly how to recognize an SSL-protected website.

How to recognize an SSL-protected website

You must ensure that the website you are visiting has an active SSL certificate before purchasing something online or submitting any passwords, payment details or other sensitive information.

You will be sure that the website (or the specific website pages on which you enter personal or payment information) is protected with an SSL if:

  • The website address begins with “https” instead of “http” (the address bar may also be green).
  • There is a locked padlock (or unbroken key) icon in the browser bar. Click this to check the SSL certificate.
  • You see a trust mark or seal/logo from an SSL provider. Click this for more information about SSL certificate.

Do I need an SSL certificate?

If you are running an ecommerce website or online store of any sort, the answer is definitely YES.


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